The Head and the Heart
SUNDAY / TUNNEL STAGE / 5:10–5:55pm

The Head and The Heart’s honest, inviting folk tunes are about travel, transition and coming full circle. A counterpoint to much of today’s over-produced and over-marketed pop music, they’ve been known to forsake larger venues for more intimate settings, and for reaching out to audiences that don’t necessarily fit in their “target demographic” (assuming they have one at all).

Few bands have carved a grassroots pathway to success the way The Head and the Heart have. The Head and the Heart’s six members happened on each other frequenting the same open-mic night in their hometown of Seattle. Officially forming in 2009, the group started rehearsing in a public library and taking every chance they could get to sharpen their performance skills; in friends’ homes, in coffee shops, and on street-corners. During a time when the economy and the recording industry in particular were flailing, The Head and The Heart self-released and self-promoted their debut album strictly through word-of-mouth, selling over 10,000 copies. ERIK HANSEN