St. Vincent
SUNDAY / BRIDGE STAGE / 2:50–3:35pm

Annie Clark just released Strange Mercy a few weeks ago, so it’s still sinking in. Like the twisting arrangements on her previous full-length, Actor, the layout of new single “Surgeon” slips and slides, avoiding any easy description. Is it a breathy update on Kate Bush’s portamento pads? Is it an R&B slow jam elevated on clouds and ether? Would Robert Fripp envy the squirrelly guitar runs she squirts between verses? (Yes.) Is it progressive future-funk that dices Janelle Monae, Tony Banks and Stevie Wonder? It will take dozens more listens to absorb, as Clark is working on a different plane than her peers. Her compositions welcome you despite their experimental bent; she somehow manages to make chilly synths feel warm and luscious. Those dissonant bursts play against her croon in an utterly original flavor combination. So far, though, her records have not done justice to her live show. An online cover of Big Black’s “Kerosene” showcases her intense no-wave guitar, which adds another dimension. This set is going to stop you dead in your tracks. KEVIN SEAL