Explosions In The Sky
SUNDAY / BRIDGE STAGE / 7:40–8:30pm

Explosions in the Sky is an Austin, TX based post-rock quartet comprised of three guitars, one drummer, and very few words. Their sprawling, rambling, epic instrumental compositions are equal parts symphony and cacophony, cinema and chaos, full of passion and intensity. After releasing their debut record How Strange, Innocence in 2000, the group had their first brush with fame in 2004 when they scored the film version of Friday Night Lights. Their instrumentals have also appeared in the films Shopgirl and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, as well as the television version of Friday Night Lights and One Tree Hill. In April 2011, the band released their fifth album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, about which Richard Elliott wrote for Tiny Mix Tapes, “to spend time with this album is to discover moments of graceful repose, calm beauty, and mature restraint.” This year, they’ve played at Lollapalooza and headlined the Pygmalion Music Festival, playing the meandering and melancholy “cathartic mini symphonies” that have made them so successful. ALLISON FORD