Death From Above 1979

Death From Above 1979. With a name like that who needs music? Yet did these metal mavens let a bad-ass name and excellent year define them? Absolutely not. Instead they chose to back up such bravado with dance punk songs that rattled the rafters ‘till 2006. It was that fateful year that Jesse F. Keeler, also of MSTRKRFT, announced that he and fellow bandmate Sebastien Grainger were ending the band. It was a sad day and one that both fans and critics would forever remember. They had created a collection of songs that to this day continues to excite new listeners with a style unlike any other. With a sad farewell they left the stage, leaving a black hole where they once had stood. Fortunately, the demise of this band has been greatly exaggerated and they have recently announced that they are together once again. Ready and willing to continue living up to their name, they are now returning to conquer the scene they created by touring and writing new music that will hopefully be blowing eardrums soon. CHAD MITCHELL